Happy Colours Inspiration

 from Design Seeds

Recently I read an article about the colour green being a happy colour which left me thinking along the lines of "Oh? Really?". I'm not really disagreeing with the article but I personally don't associate green exclusively with "happy". The colour green to me has a vast spectrum where there are peaceful shades of green on one end, with the greens on the other end screaming "Chaotic". I mean, this must be why the character The Joker was given green hair, isn't it?

Now, yellow, that's one real happy colour. Yellow is Sunshine, and we all know that Sunshine makes us happy when skies are grey, don't we?

I was already sort of satisfied with the look of my little humble blog here but I thought it would be nice to add a tiny splash of happy yellow into itit's like freshening the look without changing too much.

This wonderful website Design Seeds helped me on a group of colours I could work with. I wanted a colour palette that has greys, reds and pinks in it as those were the colours that were already on my blog, but I couldn't figure out which shades of the colours to use so this is where Design Seeds come in. I just adore looking at their website as there are so many beautiful colour palettes to feast my eyes on (which could be problematic as you're spoiled for choice!).

I added only hints of yellow but I'm happy with the outcome. Hopefully my "condition" will be at bay and the blog will stay this way for a long time! (Note: I lasted pretty long before, so I'm staying positive!)

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