Sometimes a statement top doesn't need to be worn to state anything. In case you're not sure, "Je Ne Comprends Pas" is French for "I don't understand"a phrase I told myself to memorize when I was living in Paris (had to, guys).

Well, there's nothing I don't understand here; I just saw this top on the rack at Zara and thought "Daymn that looks super comfy Imma get it no matter the size", because: (1) the top was on sale, (2) the sizes were limited, and (3) my sister, who is about my size, wanted the exact same top. 

In case you're wondering, we both got the top in the size we want! Lately I'm really into a baggy detail so this medium-sized sweater is the perfect fit.

I nicked Shah's jeans yet again; for some weird reason, none of my jeans worked with the baggy cut of this top. I've snapped one belt and ruined another from wearing these jeans, though, because they need a lot of tightening up and all I had were those flimsy braided belts (don't worry, bought meself a couple of proper belts with buckles and everything last week!).

Since the top and pants are baggy and boy-ish I thought I should add daintier details like the boxy clutch that turns into a little sling bag and those two-toned ankle-strapped ballet pumps I like so much. That zebra scarf (one of my favourites ever, bought in a little shop in Brussels!) just kind of rounded everything up.

I really like how the red-orange side of the clutch / sling bag matches the front part of my flats almost perfectly.

Desperately looking for more shoes like these, guys.

Under RM 100
Zara Je Ne Comprends Pas Sweater
Pull & Bear Slim Jeans (Men's)
Zara Box Clutch / Sling Bag
Pull & Bear Two-toned Ankle-strapped Ballet Flats (worn in this outfit post recently!)

Swatch Mona Lisa Special Edition Watch