The Hardest Eyeliner I Ever Had to Draw

One of my go-to eye makeup looks is a slightly thick line drawn right above the lash line and extending the line straight out instead of flicking the ends upwards (see hereherehere, and here) but when I saw this eye look on Pinterest, I was intrigued by the winged-out style. I think it looks SO gorgeous on the model, with the liner starting from the middle of the iris and gets thicker as it extends out, without any flicked cat-eye effectjust straight lines and clean "wings".

I then tried to replicate the look on myself and as a result, found out that it is the darn hardest liner I have ever drawn on myself.

In the end I managed to get half-decent "wings" going on but they were much much more exaggerated than I would have liked them to be, on the account that I had to keep re-drawing the straight line across my lids and adding more black liquid liner.

The problem for me personally was the fact that I have two tiny folds on my lids. You can see this model having a tiny fold above her liner but I have two of those folds, one being right above the other. They're barely visible so I never had a problem doing my makeup but as it turns out, those two tiny folds are the reason why the winged-out liner isn't the most ideal eye makeup for me.

If you have a fold on your lids (or two, like me) I definitely would recommend you to "sketch" the look with a pencil liner first and going on top of that with either a liquid liner or a gel liner.

Here's how it went down for me:

First, looking straight into the mirror and with a black pencil liner, I started to draw a straight line, starting from the middle of my lid and extending the line outwards. Best to use a smudgy eye pencil here to make the drawing smoother!

The problem here was, when I closed one eye to see the result, the line I drew earlier had breaks in between it, which is due to the folds I have. I then had to alternately close my eye and attempt to connect the breaks in between, then opening my eye to see if the line still appears straight. I honestly did this step like 27 times because the line just refused to look clean enough.

If my explanation doesn't make sense, my problem here is very much like the problem faced by people with hooded eyes when they try to draw a cat-eye liner; you can see Sam Champman of Pixiwoo (I love Sam and Nic!) explaining the dilemma right in this YouTube video, and my explanation above will make more sense hopefully! I don't have hooded lids but I find the video incredibly helpful.

After getting a satisfactory line, I then went on top of my earlier "sketch" with a liquid liner. This process is just as time-consuming as sketching it, mind you, but I find this step to be less frustrating. I made sure to have cotton buds and makeup remover in case I need to straighten and clean any rogue liquid liner (there was a lot).

I'm happy with the final result but I don't know when I would try to recreate it again, as it takes too much timeand energy! I do know though that next time, I will try to make the "wings" a lot less thicker and less dramatic.

It has to be noted that while the winged-out liner looks relatively straight when the eyes are opened, the shape of the liner WILL have an interesting geometrical shape when the eyes are closed or when your eyes are looking downwards. Again, this is due to the fold on the lids.

But how about you guys? Ever had a similar problem when trying to draw a thick liner?

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Products used
Embryolisse BB Cream
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW35

K-Palette1 Day Tattoo Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyepencil in black
Queen's Key Betty Boop liquid liner in black

Sleek Face Contour Kit in Medium
Bourjois Bronzing Powder 52

Silkygirl Long-wearing Lipliner in 01 Nude


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