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Plaid + Stripes

Honestly I never ever ever thought of matching plaid with stripes but I suppose when you procrastinated packing for a three-week trip and left it to the very last minute (well, to the very last night before you left, more like it), you ended up with a pair of striped pants and no matching top.

But then again, the term "matching" can be very subjective, because what do you know, I actually really like this pairing of plaid + stripes.

These pants are actually more like overalls, or pants with suspenders, which I left loose at my hips. If the suspenders were fully detachable they would have came right off but it might be a good thing that they aren't, because they kind of give a cool detail to my overall outfit.

Instead of tucking in my red and black plaid shirt into these pants, I thought I'd give it a literal twist by tying the ends into a little knot!

Under RM100
Pull & Bear plaid shirt
Adidas Relace Low sneakers

Under RM50
Girlie's Barn striped pants / overalls


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