Tokyo Hey Old Mate

Guys, I'm BACK IN TOKYO I am so happyyyyyyy!

Tokyo Skytree

Shah and I arrived here on Wednesday but it's only today that I finally have time to literally sit down and turn on my laptop. It's been over a week since I last updated my blogI can't remember the last time I left my blog unattended for that long!

Shah confirmed his work in Tokyo on Friday so I had four days to pack but me being me, I started packing the night before the day we were due to leave. It was a little chaotic but everything went well, thank God. It's so much easier to pack for summer than for colder seasons so we didn't bring that much clothes with us. 

The only tiny hitch is, I brought a little too little; I was unpacking my suitcase and realised I brought like four tops to last me for three weeks. Four tops, three weeks? That's bad math, Liyana. I immediately went out on a shopping excursion the day after I arrived and the day after that. The summer sale is going on but I didn't find much that I like so I figure that I'm just going to have to deal with that!

Shah and I don't have plans to travel outside of of Tokyo so we're probably just going to go to our favourite places around here and enjoy ourselves.

I'll keep you posted here, so do keep coming back to visit me here! Don't forget to follow me on my Instagram, @theliyanaaris as well for little square updates!

Loads of love, guys xxoo


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