Bespectacled Mickey, Bespectacled Liyana

One word: FAVE.

Actually that might not be an actual word in the dictionary, isn't it? But you know what I mean. 

Just like how people say their wedding dresses "found" them, I think this long-sleeved t-shirt "found" me too. It found me at the right moment in life.

I talked about not feeling my glasses and how, in my mind, it affects my overall look; it's like this nagging thing that's been coming in and out of my thoughts for the past few months or so. 

Shah and I were heading towards a day market in Tokyo last month, somewhere in Asakusa, when Shah saw this shop selling mostly discounted men's clothes, which had Levi's and some other Japanese brands. He was off finding goodies inside and I was outside looking through the tiny ladies' section, perusing through these stack of sweatshirts with Disney characters on them (p/s: LOVE) when I saw that one of the Mickeys was wearing glasses. Mickey in GLASSES.

What are the odds? There I was in the midst of my glasses identity confusion situation when Mickey reached out to me.

Seriously, I just feel like he did, he really did, and it's like therapy for me and my glasses-wearing self-confidence.

Wait, does this mean Mickey has been wearing contact lens all these while? Oh gosh.

Pairing my outfit with this chunky cutout oxfords hybrid I lugged all the way from Bershka in Shibuya and another pair of see-through socksI have a couple more pairs but I've discovered that they're another one of those things that no matter how many of them I have, I would always want more... 

Official Disney Mickey t-shirt from random store in Asakusa
H&M burgundy slim pants
WEGO striped see-through socks
Bershka chunky cutout oxfords


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