Easy One-Egg Spinach, Mushroom & Parmesan Frittata

I'm far from being the best cook you or I know but I can tell you one thing: I'm good at making those easy, delicious, short-cut dishes. Basically, what this means is, in the kitchen I'm not a hard worker but more of a smart playahhh.

I'm such a takeout-and-watch-movie-on-TV kinda girl because life's the best that way, but occasionally girl does crave for some healthy good-ol' home cooked meal.

The story is, I felt like eggs for lunch this one fine day, so I had happily eaten cereal earlier that morning, did my chores and things. When lunch time came, I opened my fridge only to discover there was only one egg left in the egg carton. ONE. MEASLY. EGG. I mean, a good egg is a good egg, but...still.

My original plan was to make a two-egg omelette filled with parmesan sprinkles, button mushrooms and these New Zealand spinach (so fanceyhhh) Shah had gotten for me the day before. But I can't be satisfied with a one-egg omelette.  No. Because an omelette needs to be luscious and big and fluffy. One egg ain't gonna deliver that.

So I improvised. Smart playahhh, remember? So this frittata came to be.

It is SO EASY to do; work here is a bare minimum. However, since this is a one-egg frittata, you do need a small pan for the one egg to fill up. Like, really small. Like the-size-of-your-palm-small. But, of course, if you don't have a pan that small, then crack yourself more than one egg and improvise.

What you need:
- One egg
-A handful of spinach (I used New Zealand spinach. Which is actually not as good as normal non-fancy spinach. Next time, then.)
- 3 huge white button mushrooms
- Parmesan cheese
- 1-2 tablespoons of milk
- 1 teaspoon garlic powder (optional)
- Oil of choice (I always use extra virgin olive oil), or even butter for frying if you're really into that sinfully good buttery taste
- Salt and pepper

How you do it:
1. Crack the egg in a small bowl and use a fork to whip it. (P/s: I immediately wanted to type 'nae nae' damn that song is catchy) Whip it as much as you can so that it becomes all light and fluffy.

2. While we whip the egg, let's multitask and take care of the spinach and mushroom; after washing them, chop spinach roughly (or not roughly, your call), and slice the button mushrooms. Heat up a large pan, pour a little extra olive oil and brown mushroom slices first. Add chopped spinach pieces after the mushrooms brown and let them wilt.

Don't leave them in the pan for too long, because you still want them to taste fresh. It might be a good idea to transfer them into a bowl first after the spinach wilted.

3. While you're doing step number 2, don't forget to keep on whipping the egg. Add these to the whipped egg: milk, salt to taste, garlic powder and a little pepper. Whip some more. (P/s: Nae nae too, if you want)

4. Heat up the small pan we talked about earlier with a little oil in it. Transfer spinach and browned mushroom slices into this little pan, then pour the egg mixture on top of them so that the egg flows through and around the veggies. Sprinkle loads of parmesan on top.

Make sure the heat is on low because we want to make sure the insides of the egg will cook. Covering the top of the pan is a good idea because the heat gets trapped in the pan that way and will help the egg to cook faster, and help cook the surface too, hence preventing the top of the frittata from becoming runny.

5. Occasionally check the edges of the frittata to see it they've turned brown and if the top part no longer seems runny. If they're A-OK, your frittata is done here!

This frittata is ideal for brunch, but also good to be eaten whenever your heart desires it. Serve with some golden, buttery toasts and you, too, are golden.

Feel free to sprinkle more salt, pepper and garlic powder to adjust its taste to your liking.


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