L'oreal True Match Foundation in N7 Nude Amber

Honestly, I think L'oreal True Match foundation is a real drugstore gem. But, let's just say there is a 'but'... (or two or more).

When I purchased L'oreal True Match in N7 Nude Amber about two weeks ago, I genuinely thought I have never, ever tried it out. Sure, I remember having tested L'oreal True Match foundation in shade W7 (you could read about that one here) back in Paris, but not shade N7. So, two weeks ago, I somehow managed to convince myself to try out True Match again, but this time in shade N7 Nude Amber (must be from the "This is it, THIS is the right colour" pep talk I gave myself. Plus, the makeup people at NTV7 seem to use this foundation for talk shows' guests!).

But as fate had it, I found a big bag full of old makeup in my guest bedroom literally yesterday and L'oreal True Match foundation in shade N7 Nude Amber was in that bag. Then I remember having tried it out. Sad thing is, I even wrote a short review on N7 but had completely forgotten all about it.

But, oh well, that's life, I suppose.

Having tried out both shade N7 and W7 and coming up with a subpar review for both of them, you would think that I would be disheartened from ever touching a bottle of True Match foundation again, but I'm surprising myself: I still really like this foundation, and I'll tell you the whole story using my 'The Good vs The Bad' list.

The Good
  • Semi-matte / semi-dewy (can't decide which)
  • Medium coverage (make concealer your best friend)
  • Smooth finish
  • Evens out skin
  • Natural finish
  • Affordable (retails for RM59.90 but I scored this at RM35.90!)
The Bad
  • Turns ashy on me
  • Oxidises with time

I have oily / combination skin, and even though my face gets oily after a few hours (it does that with ALL foundations), I'd just blot away and my skin would still look just as even as when I first applied it. The fact that the foundation is semi-matte / semi-dewy and provides medium coverage might be cons for some people but those are brownie points for me. 

I just really wish that True Match wouldn't come with that ashy side effect because it would have been a real winner for me otherwise. I had my Bourjois chocolate bronzer in 52 in the photo above along my cheekbones and those parts were where my skin look most natural, which makes me think that I need a 'warmer' shade to suit me. But all in all, I would still put this foundation on once in a while, maybe in a less important event or a casual day / night out, as I seriously love the smooth finish of it.

Both N7 and W7 shades could very well be the wrong shades for me though, which might explain the ashy look. That being said, N7 is a much better match for me than W7.
And with that being said, I'm game for trying out W6except that shade isn't available in Malaysia as far as I know. That might be a good thing, because it seems as if I'm unstoppable when it comes to True Match...


  1. Hi I live in usa and I am not able to find this color. Is there any alternate to this one? Thanks

    1. Hello!

      Do you mean an alternative to N7 in a different L'oreal range, or a different brand? I'm not quite sure what you mean exactly, sorry about that. Since the colour of N7 isn't right on me, I'm afraid I can't suggest a different foundation with a similar colour to it.

      Unless you're asking about other drugstore foundations that are similar in colour to this foundation that I can recommend?


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