Pajama Vibes

I definitely caught the stripes bug in Tokyo back in May; it was like instead of painting the town red, the super trendy locals of Tokyo had painted the town...stripes? OK that doesn't sound right, but I think you guys know I mean. 

I got so into the whole striped trend that my August-September lookbook became ALLABOUTIT.

For all I know this top really was a pajama topI wouldn't have known (or even cared to be honest) as I had found this striped gem at Kinji Used Clothing in Omotesando, a shop that's a mishmash of second hand and vintage clothings and accessories that are free to be interpreted however you wish.

I'd never thought to pair palazzo pants with a strong top such as this one but, I don't know, it seems to work here. Topping off the outfit with Adidas Neo and adding a couple of rings plus my new chunky black round ring that I'm kind of obsessed with now.

Striped top from Kinji Used Clothing
H&M black taselled palazzo pants
Adidas Neo (men)
Lovisa chunky round ring

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