When this bag first came into the stores, I could not stop looking at it. I have this affinity for anything lips (seen hereherehere, and here) so while the bag is admittedly not particularly the cutest or the prettiest I've ever seen, it IS in the shape of lips. Just on that basis, I feel like it was a necessary addition to my collection of lips-related stuff. I mean, you guys get me, don't you?

The bag however wasn't getting the love from the different people I went shopping with, so I decided to appease the crowd and wait. When the bag went on sale for RM40less than half of its retail price of RM99, let me just put that out therewell, what's a girl got to do other than giving one bag a good home?

And, hey, good things at a discounted price come to those who wait, and all of that.

I usually wear these high-top Levi's sneakers as they are, like this and this (wearing another one of my lips-print scarf here too) but I just thought to give them an even fresher more casual look by folding down the high parts.

Bershka blazer
Cotton On Beetlejuice t-shirt (men's)
H&M slim jeans (men's)
H&M lips sling bag
Lovisa red chunky ring