Alright, OK, I'm late in the acrylic game, I know it. 

I've always stored all of my makeup products in this big structured portable makeup bag, the kind that makeup artists bring on their job. It's very convenient for me because as weird (and odd) as this might sound, I don't own a dressing table to house all of my imaginary acrylic makeup organizers, like so many makeup-obsessed people do.
(PS: You can find these people on Instagram, and about 80% are probably beauty bloggers, too.)
(PPS: Well, the makeup organizers don't have to be acrylic...)

Our bedroom has all the necessities but aside from two clothes rack and a lush zebra rug, it's still pretty emptyit's just screaming for a huge gorgeous dressing table (and a cute loveseat, an elegant wardobe and perhaps a TV set, too. And maybe a new bedroom set.).

But until then, with my medium-sized makeup bag overflowing with lipstick tubes, this little acrylic box with four little compartments that I found in the local Daiso would do. Plus, it makes reaching for a specific lipstick so much faster, as I don't have to rummage around for 30 seconds before I find the exact tube that I want!

Real question: Where exactly does one get an acrylic makeup organizer?