It's October 21, 2015, guys. The future has FINALLY arrived.

I think 99% of urban kids of my generation must have watched the trilogy of Back To The Future; it's totally iconic and helped shape the future. Which is NOW, obviously. 

(Note: Statistic is not based on any study, but purely intuition.)

This t-shirt isn't mine, actually; I bought it in Uniqlo Tokyo for my big brother. Last night at 11:14pm, I called him and said "I'm coming to borrow your 'Back To The Future' t-shirt, I'll return it tomorrow", and he said, "It's late, why don't you come tomorrow" but then I said, "No, tomorrow is no good, because tomorrow is already the future."

OK, well, the conversation didn't go exactly like that (especially the last part) but it was pretty close. I insisted on coming anyway, just so that I could wake up on the 21st of October and put the t-shirt on. This event is only once in a lifetime, peeps.

4:29pm Malaysia time UCT/GMT +8 has passed, but the REAL event is not here yet: Doc Brown and Marty McFly will be arriving into the real future in exactly 12 hours and 24 minutesfrom the time I hit the "Publish" button for this post!

Doing a little reminiscing of my own with these photos from my trip to Universal Studios Japan, taking the Back To The Future ride at their 'Institute of Future Technology':