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I went to a birthday party at a fire station last weekend, guys. A fire station! It was two hours away from where I lived so I had to wear something comfortable for the day trip there. 

I just realised I had the same denim shirt and jeans on in this post, taken last year, but, well, it IS a super comfy combo, plus it's the easiest route to the denim-on-denim trend: just put together denims that match in colour and texture.

I'd brought my camera with me on the trip so I thought I might as well take a couple of photos. I just wished I had taken more photos of the fire station and the party, though, my bad.

I said in my Instagram that I'm seriously considering having my next birthday party there, but I should probably find out if they have a ready-made firefighter outfit in my size first...

Cotton On denim shirt
Mango slim jeans
Levi's sneakers


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