2 Transitional Autumn Lipsticks To Try: Revlon Super Lustrous Rum Raisin & Berry Rich

First of all, let me clarify this: Malaysia does not experience autumn. No, I wish. We have two seasons all year round, and they are: (1) hot and humid, and (2) hot and humid.

Wait that's one. Right, sorry, my bad, it's just one then. But we do get a little rain now and then, so thumbs up emoji.

That being said, I've transitioned into autumn plenty of times in my life, having lived in New Zealand, Paris and Tokyo, so I feel like it's pretty fair game for me to talk about transitional autumn lipsticks (can agree to disagree).

I've always had an affinity for Revlon lipsticks ever since I started liking makeup. Basically, I collect Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks like how people collect MAC lipsticks. I don't know, I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I go to the pharmacies way more times than I go to MAC, so it's a lot easier for me to grab whatever's in front of me. In your sight, in your mind, I suppose...? (Plus Revlon lipsticks are almost half the price of MAC's, so.)

I've had strong favourites from the Super Lustrous range including Fire & IceRose Velvet and Fleshtone, and I think Rum Raisin is joining the ranks. The two lipsticks appear the same in their tube but they're really different on my lips. Even though Berry Rich photographs better on me, Rum Raisin is this earthy brown tone that makes me feel like, "Alright alright alright I'm ready to GO" whenever I have it on. 

Berry Rich is the autumnal version of Rose Velvet, which is my most versatile Super Lustrous colour. With its sweet purple-y mauve-y shade, I actually think it'll work just like Rose Velvet for me: perfect for the lips AND cheeks (like this).


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