Belted Blazer + Chunky Gladiators

Just another casual weekend strolling in the city, you know it.

OK no just jokes; I took ages to dress up, surprise surprise. But anyway. Seriously, guys, I am obsessed with these shoes. Which is funny because I would have never ever ever considered anything too chunky. Before I went to Tokyo, that is. I don't know what's in the air in Tokyo but something changed my game there.

Oh alright, what's the point, I know there's nothing in the air there. But there's a whole lot of something in the streets there, and that something is chunky sandals. 

Those girls in Tokyo, they can sell me anything, I think, and I'm already sucker enough as I was before my trip there.

Did I mention that there was A LOT of chunky sandals worn with socks in Tokyo? Must have forgotten to mention that. I'm too chic(ken) to pairs socks with open-toed sandals but I'd still like to dip my toes into the trend with these see-through polka dot socks (the same ones I wore here).

'Dip my toes'that's almost literal here, somewhat, since these sandals really are open-toed, but since my toes are covered by the opaque front of the socks, an illusion is made, and you'd think the shoes came looking that way.

I don't know about you, but I think it's really fascinating how a trend can be loathed in one fashionable part of the world and at the same time coveted in a different trend part on the same planet.

About the top part of my outfit, I've been wanting to belt this blazer for the longest time but it always felt wrong. Somehow miraculously I tried it out again on this day and it just made sense...

Bershka blazer
H&M black t-shirt
Pull & Bear boyfriend jeans (that I bought in two sizes smaller so it doesn't look 'boyfriend' anymore)
Nuovo chunky sandals


  1. Everything about this outfit makes sense. Your make-up is on point too!! I like!!!

    1. It's so nice to get such sweet compliments, so thank you, Sheela! =D


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