Beauty & Style Extra Readings (plus a food and a travel one)

The two-ingredient banana pancakes resemble Asia's "lempeng pisang" more than anything (we have more than two ingredients though) but hey it's a recipe worth giving a go if someone says it's good enough for dinner! And the three-ingredient Japanese Cheesecake? I mean, dayummm.

Totally not saying I'm the most perfect traveller ever but I usually try my best to hold on to this mantra: don't do to other people what you don't want them to do to you.
Also, if you're obviously not Italian and have a distinctive accent from a certain country, hence clearly a tourist yourself, don't stand outside a restaurant in Venice, Italy that's filled with people and claim loudly, "This looks like a tourist place. Come on, let's go." Nu-uh, gurlll. (True story; not sure if I'll ever get over this girl)

Pin away, peeps.

I genuinely like Rachel Zoe's style AND I legit use Downy in every laundry I do (their fabric softener in the light blue bottle and pink cap has the BEST smell) so I think a Rachel Zoe-Downy collab is top notch!

I learned an amazing trick from this article, which you can see in my recent post here.

Dreaming of the day when I have every single one of these lining up in my makeup bag, just waiting for me...

I personally love looking at swatches and oohing and aahing over them so this post is right up my alley.


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