Peripera Peri's Ink Liquid Lipstick in #5 & Peri's Ink Remover

OK, so, I like this liquid lipstick. I really, really like it. But then there are a couple of cons, and they are:
  • In my head now ---> "Oh great this is JUST grrreeeattt now I have to get the other two shades." (PS: This is a con in my case.) (PPS: Malaysia only gets three shades out of the full five, if I'm not mistaken.)
  • This liquid does NOT like to come off your lips. Not at all, girls.
Since I said I really like this lipstick, I also want it to just win, basically, so I've got to list down some pros now just to outweigh the cons:
  • They are affordable.
  • They look adorable.
  • Hence, they are affordorable.
  • It doesn't come off your lips.
It's funny how one thing can be the pro AND the con, isn't it? Life is made interesting because of that, I feel.

I've been showering Japanese makeup products with so much love that I feel it's time to expand my makeup horizon just a little bit, and what better way to do that than trying on some Korean makeup products? 

I spotted the brand Peripera at Watsons and was immediately drawn to its cutesy, kitschy design. So cute, guys, I mean, look at that wide-eyed dolled up girl on the bottle and tube! I've heard great things about the quality of Korean makeup so I immediately swatched Peri's Ink in shade 5 on my hand with its lipgloss-like applicator, which came out as this strong, very pigmented and pretty pinky-red shade. Loved the colour and texture, so bought the lipstick.

Normally when I swatch lipsticks on my hand in a store, I'd wipe it off with a tissue and it would smudge off right away; if the lipstick has particularly good pigmentation, a wet wipe or a makeup-removing wipe would do the trick. 

Well, that did not happen with this ink; I went home and used my best makeup wipe to get rid of it and about 30% of it would NOT budge. Took me a day and half of eating and drinking just to get it completely off. (Note: Eating and drinking help. A lot.)

So THAT explains why they sell Peri's Ink remover... I finally (and wisely) got the remover and put the Peri's Ink lipstick on again just to test out the ink remover, which you're supposed to squeeze out on your finger and buff all over your lipsbut even then, about 5% of the ink haloed my lips still.

All in all, like I said, I really like this lipstick. This is my first ever liquid lipstickand my first Korean lipstick!and I have to say it's a really good one. Love the bright colour with the slight sheen finish. 
But just don't forget to grab a tube of the ink remover if you decide to buy a bottle of Peri's Ink!

I'm quite a practical person when it comes to makeup but I'm willing to endure the frustration of not getting it off just for Peripera's vibrant hues!


  1. I have very mixed feelings about this line. I received all 5 and have been very hesitant to post a review because I honestly feel that there's a tremendous amount of false advertising where the colours are concerned. They. Are. All. The. Same. Oh my gosh. I was and remain in a slight state of shock. I don't know. Perhaps I should revisut them after a good night's sleep. I'll get around to it this coming week, so you can see the colours I have. Maybe the range differs in Malaysia? Or maybe I'm just blind. Sigh.

    1. Ah well, there's no one product that'll please everyone, right?

      We get three shades here: #1, #3, and #5, so we basically get one hot pink, one orangey red and this one I had on. I understand where you're coming from, since you have all 5 in hand, plus you do like to mix it up when it comes to lipsticks, don't you? Then again, I'm sure they were created with Korean girls in mind, and from what I know about Korean beauty trends (not that I know thattt much), various shades of tinted pink and red and orange lips are their 'it' thing, so I bet they would appreciate the different shades of just one or two colours! Maybe we won't, but they will I suppose.

      As for me, the three shades available have a sufficient amount of variation for me, so, just waiting for the other two to go on sale!

      PS: I was hooked on the show K-Style when it was shown in Malaysia...


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