The Picnic Table by Simply Sandwiches Turns 1 !

Happy Birthday to the Picnic Table and the Simply Sandwiches team!

I can't believe it has been exactly a year since I attended their launch party on Halloween day last year! It didn't feel that long ago, somehow.

I was a little late this year to the party, which started in the early morning with an emcee and all the food bloggers around, but better late than never, right guys? I still immensely enjoyed my day there! I probably enjoyed it a little too much, because I literally stayed the whole day there. I mean, girl can't say no to the flow of free food and drinks, can she?

Their salted caramel brownies have been their best-seller dessert for the past year, to nobody's surprise. Tip: Ask their staff to heat them up for you so they go all gooey and extra delish!

The thing that I love most about The Picnic Table is the ambience; I always find myself hanging out there for hours at a time. Evidently loads of people agree with me on this as TPT is also usually booked every weekend for private parties for a few hours per day.
Aside from the ambience, the fact that they serve tasty, healthy food is also a HUGE plus point for me.

My favourite dish there was originally the meatballs spaghetti but TPT recently released two new dishes: soft-shell crab pasta and soft-shell crab sandwich. I haven't tried the sandwich version but since I happen to be a sucker for soft-shell crab, I take forever to order when I'm there, going back and forth between the different options, trying to decide which to get. It's tough, but it's also good, guys.
I also tried their vegetarian pesto pasta on this anniversary day of theirs and I LOVED it.

As for drinks, if you're a tea lover like I am I would suggest the apple tea, but if you're into lattes, how about trying their peanut butter latte? I'm always ordering their infused water too as I like the hint of fruitiness in it but since I like my drinks at least a little hotter than room temperature, I always ask for the warm version instead of the usual iced one.

They're always game for me customizing my order, so don't be afraid to share with them about your personal preferences!

The updated menu:

I didn't get to take any photo of the main courses because people kept digging into them, plus most of the food was gone, so I couldn't snap a proper pretty one! But, of course, it only meant that the event must have ended on a positive note for them, so good for TPT!

Check out The Picnic Table by Simply Sandwiches in Kota Damansara, guys! Scroll down to the bottom of my post The Picnic Table by Simply Sandwiches for more info on how to get there and how to contact them.

*photos taken using iPhone 5s


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