Yellow Not Mellow

You know what, I have very little yellow in my closet. Very little. I'm starting to think that it's not enough. Like, some topping off is needed. Pronto.

I remember walking along the narrow "streets" of Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid years and years ago, when I was exclusively into independent brands. Well, I'm using the term "independent brands" loosely here; I was simply not into big brands back then, not even high street oneswe didn't have H&M back then and Zara and Pull & Bear were too pricey for me. I would scout for these little stalls which were and still are ubiquitous in bazaars around KL/PJ area, or tiny shops that stock one-off things flown in from around Asia, usually from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. 

I still explore the same kind of vendorsactually I literally just bought a dress, a top and a bucket bag from pop-up stalls in Atria today, but more on those in later posts!but nowadays I just prefer high street clothings, which undeniably have greater quality and are better in terms of longevity.

Anyway, rewinding back to that day in Sunway Pyramid, this yellow top was one of my scores, which no doubt cost less than RM 100. I'm a complete sucker for mustard at the moment but back then yellow was not a colour that I thought belong in my closet. When I saw this top however, I took a liking to its charming tied-at-the-waist ribbon idea, so I decided to open up my mind to the bright neon yellow colourby the way, trust me, the camera does not pick up the neon-ness very well. It's still a neon that I could handle though, no issue!

Back to the future (this term is still fresh on my mind) and I'm making full use of it with my most favouritest bestest songket printed sarong!

Asian Avenue top
Bhaju songket print sarong
Nuovo chunky gladiator sandals, from Tokyo

PS: I've been feeling under the weather these past few days, hence the short break from blogging (and Instagramming). Thanks for coming back and reading this, guys! xxoo


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