That Donut Sweater

So I can be a complete sucker for kitschy prints, can you tell? Seriously, the only reason I bought this top was because of those donuts print. 

I spotted this sweater on H&M sale racks late last year and it was the last piece (and the first!) of donut-sweater-goodness I had seen in any H&M store at that time. I didn't even care for the fit or anything, can you believe that? Sucker, I'm telling you.

It was on sale for like RM40 (!) but I think if I had seen this in the store earlier on when it just came in, I would've probably still grabbed it and went to the cashier straight away and only found out the price thenand would still happily paid for it.

As much as I didn't care if it fitted right, well, thankfully it did!

It felt like my outfit of the day couldn't decide if it wanted to be cheery or moody, what with all the black but then it's like "Oh wait a minute what's with those pinks and purples". Instead of my usual sweater-and-jeans route, I dressed up the donuts a bit with a flared skirt, my little purple zebra sling bag and my crazy pink Timberland boots, which I still can't believe I own.

I mean, guys, look at how pink they are. They're legit Barbie pink. I gotta say, they make me feel a little like a hijabi Barbie.

Which sounds like it has a nice ring to it. Mmm. I might just start calling myself that from now on...

H&M donut print sweater
Mango skirt
Timberland pink boots
Guess zebra print sling bag


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