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From KL To Tokyo

I can't believe it, I'm back in Tokyo, guys.

SUPER happy to be back here! I arrived yesterday but was a little jet-lagged. Tokyo is actually only an hour ahead of Malaysia but the downside of taking the plane during my normal sleeping hours is I don't get to properly sleep. You could chuck me in business class, economy class, perhaps even first class (never been in this class...yet)sleeping for 4-5 straight hours just never worked for me.

But it doesn't matter, because I got a good night's sleep last night and I am in Tokeeeeyooooooooooooo.

I do have a bit of a concern, though; my laptop, which is 8 years old, is in danger of dying out on me. But, well, let's just hope it doesn't...

In the meantime, follow me on my Instagram @theliyanaaris for my Tokyo 4x4 updates!


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