Zebra Kimono, Jumpsuit & Those Cutout Peep Toed Booties

There have been many, many times when I stood in front of my closet and declared, "OK, I have nothing to wear."

Obviously this is just an exclamation for dramatic effect (and to fish for an opportunity for another shopping spree from Shah) but we all know that that isn't true; it's always simply the case of me being unadventurous with the choices that are hanging in my wardrobe.

So, once in a while I try to mix it up a little bit and stray from my usual top and jeans combo, like on this day when I made use of the two of my lesser worn items: a zebra print kimono cardigan and a black jumpsuit.

I'm really into belting outerwear at the waist at the moment (like in this outfit). The only problem is I don't find many waist belts that I like. This particular leopard print waist belt was a find about four years ago; it was a time when I thought waist belts would never work on my pear-shaped body, but I literally changed my mind on that with this belt.

By the way, guys, this faux leather bucket bag with the red suede lining? It cost me a freakin' RM 29. Like, what whattt. I scored it at a random bazaar in Atria a couple of weekends ago, and I honestly felt like asking the seller "Are you sure? RM 29? You could sell it for more you know".

Topping off everything with these fierce not-made-for-walking cutout peep-toed booties I got from Zalora, by the brand Something Borrowed. Did I mention they're not made for walking? To wear to a dinner date with an entrance twenty meters from where you park your car, sure thing. Strutting up and down a street for taking photos, why not? But not for walking, guys, not for walking.

H&M zebra print kimono cardihan
H&M black jumpsuit
Something Borrowed cutout peep toed booties
Bucket bag from random stall at a bazaar


  1. Oh vanity, how you trump sanity. In other news, I AM IN LOVE with the way you belted the cardi. So cantik.

    1. I know. Like, what is even happening here. But thanksss! =D


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