Are You Ready?

I found this Mango "Are You Ready?" sweater to be a little ironically funny, considering it's the one question I used to get asked a lot as I'm getting ready when I was a teenager living at my family's house - usually in a frustrating tone.

. . . . . . .

I have news. It's bad news for me but it might be just a neutral one for you: my laptop died on me. I'm in Tokyo with a load of work to get done and my laptop is like "No, I'm done." What.

It's alright. I'm heavily relying on my iPad, so it's all good. And you can't do work on iPad. You just can't, it's just good for checking emails and Instagram and Facebook and that sort of thing. That's it.

I'm OK though. I'm OK. I think. But it just means that I'll be blogging less than usual, which is probably appropriate since I'm supposed to be enjoying Tokyo anyway!

So about this outfit. My favourite two colours currently happen to be dark emerald green and yellow mustard so this sweater was like meant to be. In my closet, that is.

I wanted to just throw on a pair of jeans and be done with it but that's like taking the fun out of dressing up, so I paired the sweater with this draped striped pants instead. For RM 59 a pop (serious) I reeeaaallyyyyyyy should have bought three more pairs.

Do you guys know how hard it was for me to track down a pair of white Adidas Superstar? It is SO HARD to find a proper female Superstar pair these days. The ones that are in stores are all the men's designs. It's a mystery. On a side note, I am so glad they're re- stocking Stan Smiths for ladies!

Seriously into dark plumy lipstick shades now. Autumn <3.

MNG sweater
Draped striped pants from random store, Berjaya Tomes Square
Adidas Superstar shoes
Bucket bag from random stall, Atria bazaar


  1. Love this outfit! Looks so nice on you x

    Lina /

  2. Lovely sweater! I love mango clothes

    1. Yesss, I thought it's lovely too! Is your closet full of Mango things then? It probably is, isn't it.


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