Floral Bomber Jacket | Godzilla's Head, Tokyo

It's weird. Most people are excited to wear their new clothes immediately but me, no. I like to see them getting comfortable in their new "home" first. I'd buy a pair of pants or a top and let it chill in my closet, and a year after that I'd be like "Ah, NOW is the perfect time to wear this!"

I bought this floral bomber jacket ages ago; I thought it was the coolest thing, especially because the floral motifs consisted largely of hibiscus, Malaysia's national flower. Just like this donut sweater, it was the first and last of its kind I've seen in H&M. Then again, I don't exactly scan the entire store whenever I'm window-shopping (Window-shopping, shopping. Tomayto, tomahto). It's one size bigger than my usual size, which is just how I like my jacket — a little loose and baggy.

I really wanted to wear this jacket but the time never felt right. That is, until I went to Tokyo back in August, when I thought it was the right time to finally have it on. But it was the end of summer, when it was just too hot and dry for this jacket, as it turned out. But now I'm back again in Tokyo, where the autumn chill is just calling out for it!

This was in Shinjuku, near the Godzilla head; I was a bit bummed about not being able to go up the building to check out the head up close, but we were losing daylight and it wasn't the best time to ooh and aah over a godzilla's head.

Shah and I are on this Adidas kick at the moment, especially because they're sponsoring Manchester United now, who is Shah's favourite football team. You'll probably be seeing loads of Adidas shoes here in this space, so let me just notify in advance. These Adidas high-top wedge sneakers were a recent buy from an Adidas outlet, and, you guys, they're THE most comfortable wedges I've ever owned. And those faux pony hair is so kitsch, guys! Who woulda thunk it, that I'd be OK with faux hair on my shoes?

H&M floral bomber jacket
Zara black sweater
Pimkie slim jeans
Adidas high-top wedge sneakers


  1. Try this floral bomber with your Beetlejuice pants!!! Jude

    1. YESSS! GREAT idea, Judy, considering the stripes on the ends of the jacket!!!


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