Favourite Zebra Print Chunky Knit Cardigan

I never considered not having my laptop around; I always assumed it would always be there for me when I needed it. And now that it's not...I miss it.

Although, to be fair, it's really more like missing having a laptop to work on. If I were back at home, I probably would have gotten a new laptop by now, but, you know what, it's a good break for me to take time off from staring at my laptop every day, all day long, which is what I'm used to doing. Besides, like I've mentioned before, I should be enjoying just being out and about in Tokyo! (PS: I am, thank you for asking.)

You might have seen this zebra print chunky knit cardigan before on this space, and not once, not twice, but three times, too. Three glorious times. All because I daymn love this zebra print chunky knit cardigan, you guys.

But every time I put this cardigan on now my mind wanders back to the time I spotted a leopard print version of this cardigan and did not buy it. What. I remembered I was in Bershka in Shibuya on my March trip to Tokyo and thinking, "Oh but when am I going to wear that?", because I never knew if I was coming back here for a third (or a fourth or a fifth) trip, due to Shah's slightly unpredictable schedule sometimes, or if I was going to visit any other cold country. The moral of this story is you see you like YOU BUY.

Oh wait no it's actually you see you like you have money YOU BUY. Yes, that's accurate.

H&M zebra print chunky knit cardigan
Sweater-shirt combo from random shop, Berjaya Times Square
Levi's jeans
Adidas Superstar


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