All Greys + Super Pink Stan Smith

Like I mentioned in this post, I'm sort of on an Adidas kick right now. Like, I'm on a kick for Adidas kicks. I blame it squarely on the fact that Adidas is now supporting Manchester United, and Shah is a staunch supporter of MU, so now our shoe closet (it's an imaginary one for now, all our shoes are stacked up in clear boxes) is filled with Adidas. 

You've already seen my Adidas Superstar here but I obviously wanted to have a proper tennis white Stan Smith too, and guys, when I saw these pair of Stan Smith in Super Pink in Shinjuku, well, I had to have those, don't I?

It was a cold day out in Tokyo, much too cold for a stroll in the park in my opinion, but with limited time of autumn in Tokyo, I wanted to enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn as much as I could, and Yoyogi Park was a good place to do that. I just love a good park and Tokyo is chock-full of gorgeous ones! 

I raided Shah's closet on this day and went for a cool grey look from  head to ankles with his huge comfy sweater and his grey-black faded Levi's jeans. I don't know what it is about Shah's clothes but I'm always looking for excuses to nick anything from his closet. Must be from the overly-casual vibes when they're on me!

By the way, just letting you guys know that I'm back in Malaysia! It's nice to be back home but I have to say, I'm sorely missing Tokyo right now...

Edwin grey sweater (men)
Levi's jeans (men)
Ciaopanic hooded jacket
Adidas Stan Smith in Super Pink
Bucket bag


  1. How cute is this outfit and loving the sneakers girl - the pink is just perfect!

    Sending you kisses from Sydney!

    I've recently been sent by Sony to the iconic Whitsundays to review their Xperia Z5 mobile camera or check out my Sky Diving video xx

    Helen xx

    1. Hi Helen!

      Thank you so much! I'm seriously loving the pink too right now.

      Will be checking out your blog! xo


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