MAC Rebel Lipstick + MAC Currant Lip Pencil

Personally, for me, one of the best things about autumn is actually wearing my favourite warm red lipsticks and berry-based ones. I mean, obviously I can wear them at any time of the year, I know that, but there's just something about the spirit of wearing season-appropriate shades of lippies, you know what I mean?

PS: Malaysia doesn't experience the usual four seasons, but hey, we need some sort of parameter for keeping up with trends too, you know.

I had gotten MAC Rebel lipstick some time before my trip to Tokyo but never got around to wearing it. I found out about Tokyo one week before I was due to leave this time aroundit's always been like that, like on the second or third Tokyo trip, I found out that I was supposed to head there in TWO DAYS, and had to get everything ready in less than 48 hours, it was crazyso I thought it would be perfect to wear Rebel only when I arrived in Tokyo. It's the perfect autumn/winter colour, in my opinion!

You guys, I LOVE Rebel. If there's one thing I love more than Rebel, it's probably the matching lip pencil to go with Rebel, called Currant. Rebel is the first satin lipstick I've ever purchased from MAC; I wasn't the biggest fan of the texture of the creme Morange but really liked the result given by the matte All Fired Up and Lady Danger, but I have to say the satin finish produced by the satin Rebel is my favourite one so far.

I used Currant to line and fill up my lips and applied Rebel on top, and they lasted on me almost all day long, even after eating and drinking (I'd still re-apply after eating though, just to get the full effect, always). I kept throwing them in my handbag when I was in Tokyo so they're looking pretty abused already, as poor them probably kept knocking into the other 20 things I have in my handbag.

I'm so pleased with these two and I can't wait to try out other satin lipsticks by MAC!

If you're a blogger and have done a review on MAC Satin Rebel or MAC Currant Lip Pencil or both, leave the link to that review in the comment section down below because I'm interested to hear your thoughts on them.

Question: How do you pronounce the name 'Rebel'? I have serious issues on how it should be pronounced, because people from MAC counters I met with insisted on pronouncing it as a verb, which is "Ree-bell", when I thought it was called "Reh-ble", as in the noun. A majority of their lipsticks are named as nouns but then you do get some verb-like shades such as 'Speak Louder' and 'Up The Amp' (look at how much thought I'm putting into this, this is serious). I'm like this close to emailing MAC and asking them about it, just to get peace of mind...


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