Cropped & Frayed

One thing important lesson I learned from my recent Tokyo trip was you can never have enough denim jackets, because there's no such thing as one denim jacket, do you know what I mean? There are just too many varieties around to settle on just one.

Did you guys know that there are like 7000 different kinds of apples in the world, and even if you eat a different one every day, you'd need about two decades to finish trying out every single one of them? Obviously I'm not saying denim jackets are exactly like apples, noI'm saying there are MORE denim jackets than there are apple species in the world.

Also, since apples are not my favourite fruit at all, I'm going to go on a limb and say I find denim jackets more delicious than apples. Unfortunately a jacket a day won't really make the doctor away, but it WILL help you combat getting the flu in cold weathers, so remember that!

But all jokings aside (or were they jokes?), I was pleased to have added a few more to my denim jacket collection, which originally consisted of just two pieces before my November Tokyo trip, and this cropped, frayed baby is one of them.

It was already really cold in Tokyo so I had to keep my hands in my overalls pocket, and by the way those are really overalls. I haven't found a pair of overalls that I truly like because the top part of most overalls don't look effortless enough on me, but the pants portion of them were something else. I figured I might as well just buy them and pull the top part downwards!

I did the same thing with these striped pants too, where I pulled down the straps because they just did not look good on my shoulders, but I just really like the effortless (or you could call it lazy, whichever) effect of leaving them hanging down!

Ciaopanic cropped frayed denim jacket
Ciaopanic overalls
Adidas mint and purple trainers


  1. Love ur way to wear overalls! Very cool! I dislike apples too and love denim jackets!

    1. You know what, it's not that easy to find someone who dislikes apples too so YASSS. Thank you for reading and commenting Chichi! xxoo

  2. Why don't you trim off the straps and hem the bodice panel as part of the pants, like a cummerbund-ish waistline? Before I read that you'd pulled the straps down, I thought these were very Rei Kawakubo pants. Very origami and super cool.

    1. I actually like the effect of the straps hanging lazily below my waist, ha ha ha. Reading your comment actually reminded me that I actually have done something similar before on my blog so I should probably link it in this post!


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