Faux Leather Sleeves Bomber Jacket + Culottes (Plus, New Glasses!)

Just like this floral bomber jacket, I've been waiting FOREVAH to put on this two-toned leather-sleeved bomber jacket. This jacket is just as amazing a find as that floral piece, and you know what, just as affordable. Those front pockets? Super useful when the temperature is dropping as the day creeps up towards night time. You've just got to love and appreciate these amazing finds at H&M sales.

To be honest I bought this jacket so long ago that I can't even remember if it was before or after that floral oneall I know is they cost about the same, like RM 60. See, this is why I don't shop at retail prices, guys, because why spend almost RM 200 (that might have been the retail price, since I obvs can't remember) for this jacket when you could get this for RM 60?

Actually I've discussed this before: if you see something you absolutely got to have and you'd regret not getting it for the rest of your life, flip the price tag over, get it to the cashier and just be willing to fork out however much it costs. I mean, you might walk into the same store three months later and see the same thing being sold for half the price or whatever, and you might (and you totally will) feel a little pang in your heart somewhere, but it's OK. The important thing is, YOU ALREADY OWN IT.

Although, still, it would hurt a little bit. I've experienced this hurt too many times so I always try not to go into a store when they don't have a sale. Even when there's a sale, I make sure to only concentrate around the area with that red sign above it that says "DEALS" (still talking about H&M here, you guys are all familiar with that red sign, I know it), but I'm a normal human being and I do stray into retail-priced area sometimes. Or even if it's all the time, that's OK, too. But I have a pretty strong shopping willI really doso my buys are usually from the "DEALS" section.

These photos were taken on the day I got my new glasses from Zoff, which I LOVE. They're the flexible kind but I've been careful not to flex them too much. Zoff is a huge spectacles chain shop in Japan and they're famous for supposedly being able to whip out a new pair of glasses, normal prescription and all, in just one day. I can't attest to that claim since I have astigmatism, so mine took a week to be ready.

I am now trying out the computer lens, also known as PC lens, in those snazzy new black-and-gold frames as I've experienced eye-strain for as long as I can remember, so since only time will tell, we'll have to wait and see how effective they are at combating strained eyes! For now, all I can say is it's harder to be photographed when wearing them, as these yellow-tinted lenses reflect blue light a little much, but if they're going calm my eyes down, that's a small price to pay.

By the way, those really are culottes; they look more like palazzo here since I'm wearing them on my hips as opposed to right smack on my waistlike how all those chic so-stylish-it-hurts Japanese girls dosince I'm about showing less skin and all. And by the way, palazzo vs culottes? That's one real conversation I'm going to have with you guys, one day, maybe. Watch out fi dis. I mean, watch out fo dat.

H&M bomber jacket with leather sleeves
Zara black sweater
Ciaopanic culottes
Adidas Stan Smith in Super Pink
ChloĆ© Mini Marcie in Brown Sugar


  1. I Love this outfit and how it was paired with that scarf and bomber jacket. Chic Indeed!
    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche

    1. Hi Chaicy,

      Awww thank you so much! I like getting that bubbly feeling when I hear a sweet compliment such as yours =))) xo

  2. really cute look and the glasses look great on you!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Thank you! So glad someone else likes the glasses too xo


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