Long Blazer + Ripped Jeans

I spent a really long time looking for the perfect dark long blazer and I found this baby on the very day I arrived in Tokyo last month. Meant to be, guys. Meant to be.

But, well, it was on sale for 7000 yen though, which is about RM 250, and if you've been following my blog for some time you might notice how I seriously rarely fork out more than RM 100 for any piece of clothing. "Less is more": the less I pay for one thing, the more things I can get.

But, I don't know, I used words like "baby" and phrases like "meant to be" so I think it's pretty obvious I just really wanted it to belong to me.

I've been wanting a furry carry-on ever since I let go of this one furry clutch in Marc Jacobs at Gotemba Premium Outlets back on my very first trip to Japan in November 2014. Regrets, man, regrets. But this little furry cutie kind of makes up for that Marc Jacobs. I should also tell you it cost me like RM 60 — a definite sweet steal.

Can we talk about how hard it is to find ripped jeans with underlining? Is it called underlining? Whatever you call that patch of fabric under the ripped section then. Like, I can't find an affordable, decent pair of ripped jeans appropriate for a hijabi like myself in Malaysia but I tracked them down in Shibuya 109 of all places, guys. If that isn't illogical I don't know what is...

Glass Line long blazer, Yaesu Mall
Ripped jeans, Shibuya 109
Grey sweater from random shop, Berjaya Times Square
Furry navy blue handbag, Nishi Ginza mall
Adidas Superstar sneakers
Swatch watch


  1. Thats a lovely outfit.. love the ripped jeans

    BLOG | Taislany


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