Dots Dots Dots

I was a sucker for polka dots back in the days, but apparently not much has changed since "back in the days", but, really, this particular head-to-toe dots-filled outfit just has a lot to do with my perpetual crush on Pharrell Williams, which started back in 2004 when I was listening to N.E.R.D's 'Maybe' and 'She Wants To Move' non-stop.

Does anyone else remembers Pharrell's Ice Cream shoes? If you don't, or never heard of them (which is OK, it was ages ago), they're like the inferior version of these. I wanted them SO BAD when they first came outonly because they were Pharrell'sbut back then I wasn't fully aware of the magic of online shopping. Plus, my allowance back then was enough to buy me maybe one tiny t-shirt from Topshop and an actual ice cream and that's it, so aside from the online-shopping issue I didn't have actual financial resources for those shoes anyway.

So it's a no-brainer that I'm super on board with these polka dot Stan Smith sneakers and polka dot track jacket from the Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams Polka Dot Pack. The line was apparently released approximately a year ago but I wasn't hoarding Adidas stuff back then, so I am SO glad some of Pharrell's polka dot stuffs were still available at the Adidas outlets in Japan last month!

Adidas x Pharrell Williams Polka Dot Pack track jacket
Ciaopanic two-piece dress
Adidas x Pharrell Williams Polka Dot Pack Stan Smith sneakers
Mousse sling bag

This post is part of a '4 Colours or More Style Challenge' I'm doing with five other bloggers, so you have to visit their blogs to see moreall of the links are listed below. Here are all of our six takes on the challenge:

Anna Parkes, of Anna's Island Style
Tabitha jacket, BCBGeneration shoes, St Michael dress, Zara belt, Magpie vintage necklace

Samantha Blair, of Fake Fabulous
Forever 21 skirt, Boden jumper, La Redoute polo neck, JohnnieB shoes, Lidl tights, Necklace from Ebay, Topshop bag, Newlook scarf

Nicole Kestenbaum, of Lipstick & Brunch
CeCe dress, ASOS cape coat, The Cottage Shop clutch, Burdlie earrings, Custom-made shoes by Coronation Vintage local stylist Dawn Bell, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Sheela Goh, of Sheela Writes
Thrifted black and white polka dot sweater, Poshmark mustard top, Zara orange and red plaid blanket scarf, Herban Devi on Etsy black capris, Shoedazzle burgundy suede boots, Anastasia Beverly Hills Veronica lipstick

Ann Krembs, of Kremb De La Kremb
ASOS leopard faux fur, Macy's arrings, Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur red lippy, Zara sweater, Forever 21 pants, Red fur cuffed gloves from market in China, White shirt tailored from China, Louis Vuitton Speedy 35


  1. So here it goes. Thanks to you, I think I've fallen in love with kicks. Me. The self-proclaimed queen of 4.5" shoes. And the fact that yours have wee polka dots (ice cream dots, no less) which are perfectly echoed in that jacket is simply icing on the cake. SUPER DUPER COOL. All puns intended.

    Thank you thank you terima kasih for being a part of this challenge. It was such a delight and definitely something that ought to be on repeat mode :) Happy 2016, my friend!!!

    p/s Pharrell for President!!

    1. Awww thank you Sheela! And thanks so much for including me in this challenge, I had tons of fun in the process.

      Come to think of it, hmmm I can't think of a photo of you wearing any other shoes than skyscraper ones... For me personally, I have this fear of wobbling too much on them, so I tend to stick to safe sneakers. So you just continue being your fearless self ok! Not everyone does what you do!

      Sama-sama, and happy new year to you too! xxoo

    2. Adalah. Albeit only one. This here

  2. I had no idea that your shoes were also dotty - how very cool. It was great fun to take part with you and the others in this style up and hope you enjoyed it too. I adore the bag even more now that I can see it better. All in all, a fab get up x
    Anna's Island Style

    1. Thank you so much Anna! It was fun for me too! I honestly enjoyed seeing what you and everyone else came up with, everyone interpreted the challenge so differently yet so beautifully, and even elegantly. It feels good to know there are fearless stylish women like you all for others - including me - to look up to.

  3. Hi Liyana,
    I have to admit to being totally ignorant to the possibilities of a hijab and it's ability to add so much to a stylish outfit.
    I realise now that you have a whole other fabulous accessory to play with!
    The addition of the red to your baby blue outfit is a gorgeous pop of contrast.
    Especially with the spots.
    Your bag and gutties (or kicks, as Sheela called them) are on my Covet-list.
    I am so glad Sheela and Ann introduced me to you and your blog!
    Thank you for including me in your post (apologies for my grainy photo...the light was so low the camera was working in the (almost) dark).
    Fake Fabulous

    P.S. I am off to check out some of your other posts for more colour inspiration.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      That is so sweet of you to say, and so thoughtful! Although I've never explicitly stated it, one of the things I'd like to achieve through blogging is to show others how a person wearing a hijab can play around with clothes and accessories as much as the next person, and love it just as much as well!

      I'm glad Sheela introduced me to YOUR blog. By the way, for photos that were taken in the dark, they look pretty good to me! My photos don't always turn out that nice when the I have too little light. I still have a lot to learn so it's nice to discover new blogs through a collaboration such as this one.

  4. Everything about your outfit here is just so cool. Like, "Ya, no big thing. I mix polka dots all the time." I've been on a tennis shoe kick, and I really love these cobalt pair. And the bag is the perfect about of kitsch. I can tell there's a lot to learn from you Liyana, so I am so happy Sheela introduced me to you!

    Love, Ann

    1. Hi Ann,

      Likewise! I'm learning loads from you, and the rest we collaborated with on this post, too. To get such a nice compliment from you means a lot to me, it really does. I'm really glad I participated in this challenge. I thought I've seen it all from the style bloggers I've checked out prior to this post, but I now I realise I was missing so much in the blogging world.



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