Happy 2016, everybody! Can you believe that it's already the third day of the new year? Time sure flies! I had an utterly amazing 2015, by the way, with all my Japan trips as the obvious highlights!

I hope you all had a fun and safe time ringing in the new year. Shah and I did nothing but lounge at home the whole day and night, on the account of having the flu and a slight fever. We especially didn't want anyone catching anything from us, because we're so nice and sweet like that, so we decided to have a relaxing night injust the two of us, watching movies and binging on our favourite food. Nothing like celebrating with your most favourite person in the whole wide world!

I'm definitely looking forward to sharing more things with you on my little virtual space here. I have real hopes to up my makeup and food content, which would be a challenge (especially if it involves the kitchen). I don't foresee doing as much travelling as I did last year but, well, you never know!

Since my outfit posts are my favouritebecause they're documentations of the cuter version of real-life me, and perhaps years from now I'd be happy looking back at them and thinking "Dayummm I looked gewddd"it's only natural I start 2016 with one.

You guys, I love this abaya. I mean, an abaya with pockets? LovesIt. I got this baby from Covered by Sipi, the one who's also responsible for this gorgeous cardigan. It's so airy and comfy, and as shapeless as it is, I actually feel pretty and all demure wearing it. Well, as demure as I could be, since I paired the abaya with my favourite, loudest multi-coloured leopard print scarf. I only wished I had gotten this abaya in other colours as well!

To those who visited Affordorable.com all of last year, thank you so so SO much, and I hope you'll continue to catch up with me all throughout this new year, too! If you're new here, well, hello, there!

I hope I'll see you here again soon xo

Covered by Sipi abaya
Adidas sneakers
Pull & Bear leopard print scarf
Swatch watch