Contributor to Yahoo! Style UK

One of the most exciting things about 2015 for me was definitely being asked to contribute to Yahoo! Style UK; I remember reading getting an email from them and reading it in disbelief like it was just yesterday, even though "yesterday" was two and a half months ago.

It's definitely an incredible feeling to be asked to write for such a huge platform. Blogging-wise, I constantly wish and strive for so many things, like to be a better writer, to come up with photos that are higher in quality, to provide better contentjust to be better, basically. That being said, being recognised from the work I've already done on this blog is definitely something.

The best part about it is actually getting the creative freedom to write about whatever my heart wants because it always wants what it wants, with no strict schedule or anythinga lot like writing for my own blog, really, which is why it's such an awesome opportunity, so I'm actually having fun going with the flow. 

I've written three articles for them so far, so I'm thinking you should totes click on them and enjoy the read:
I can't wait to bounce ideas for my next articles!

Check out Yahoo! Style UK website or you can keep up with your girl's own personal articles for them here at!


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