Princess Floral Lips

I first wore this dress on one of my best friends' wedding day, and someone commented on how "princess-y" it is (still not sure if it was a compliment or an insult, but I'm viewing life positively, always). That isn't actually a bad fitting, because I do feel a little like a princess when I put this dress on and swish it about. I'm not one to "princess" all the way though, so adding my peep-toed booties and my kitschy lips clutch helped add that tiiiny bit of edge that I always want in my outfits!

Tailor-made floral dress
Lips clutch from Omotesando Tokyo station, imported from Korea
Something Borrowed peep-toed booties


  1. How beautiful.
    Yes, you do look like a princess. Okay maybe not from the world of Disney but still prncess-like anyway!
    The floral detail and the cuff shape is so feminine , the boots are a brilliant touch and that fun clutch is, wel....Fun!!
    You have such a perfect lip shape...just the thing for showcasing a vibrant shade.
    Fake Fabulous

    1. Hi Samantha!

      I don't think I get compliments all that often, but I must say I treasure the ones that sound so genuine it makes my heart sort of glow. Thank you for your kind words, because not only they made my heart feel glowy but they make my day, too. In the days when plumpy lips are seen as super 'in', I always thought my lips are too small to be honest, like I could put any colour on them and people wouldn't notice. But I think that's the power of someone's sweet, kind words; they make you look at things in a better light and make you appreciate what you have more. You may have thought you were just merely complimenting but you actually just genuinely give me a confidence boost. Thank you Samantha xxoo

  2. Great styling! A maxi dress + mules combi is so unexpected yet super cool at the same time. Congratulations to your best friend!

    1. Oh my God my shoes DO look like mules here! They actually have a zipper that goes up to above my ankles, and are backless - at the heel part, I mean - as well as peep-toed, so I don't know what kind of shoes they really are now that I think about it. But now that you've said 'mules' I guess it's not inappropriate to say it's a hybrid of mules and booties? How can shoes be this confusing ah ha.


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