Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

I can't be fancying up every weekend you know; there are days when I'm like "Ah screw it I'll wear whatever rags I want!" Well, only to change my mind two seconds later, of courseI still want to look cute and all. So on this kind of days I guess I just need to strike the right balance between looking like Cinderliyana and Liyana.
(PS: I just re-watched the live-action Cinderella film starring Lily James, hence the reference. Today is Charles Perrault's birthday, by the way! And more importantly, mah girl Mel C's birthday, too.)

It was a hot, hot day, so I settled on this super thin sweater and printed pants, and I kind of think the pants look like something tourists coming from colder countries usually wear when they visit hot and humid countries. To be fair, I was actually playing tourist anyway, as these photos were taken in front of a museum in Kedah (the museum was closed though, but, still.)

I actually just really wanted to wear my new cat sling bag that I bought from Jonker Walk in my recent Melaka trip. Truthfully, I don't see myself wearing this bag that often so still I can't believe I bought this bag. Must be those mesmerising blue eyes on that Siamese cat...

Mango sweater
H&M pants
Adidas Relace Low sneakers
Cat sling bag from Jonker Street, Melaka
Cat ears sunglasses from Shibuya 109


  1. U look super cute with that bag!

  2. Yay for that bag!.....so much cuteness (and I'm not even a kitten fan). I have a slightly bigger one with the face of a tiger and it is such fun to wear. This makes me want to look for more cool critters to have fun with.
    It really lifts your casual outfit, especially with the additional touches, like your laces and those glasses.
    I laughed at your "tourist trousers" comment...hahahaha... I know exactly what you mean, but they are so cool and comfortable, aren't they?
    When you say it is hot, I wonder what your idea of "hot" is and what kind of tourist trousers you would need to visit Scotland on a day like today, probably salopettes...oh, and Wellingtons!! :oD

    P.S...I really enjoy your photographs, there is always a feeling of movement, or an anticipation of it....such a skill!

    1. I never quite owned anything like this kitty bag! I'm really intrigued about this tiger bag - wonder if it's already made an entrance on your blog? I would want to see it!

      Yesss sometimes I wish I could just wear these sort of pants everyday since Malaysia can get really hot and humid at times, they're SO comfortable and airy. But we both know how that would life so much less interesting, don't we. Plus I'm such a jeans girl, even though it can get hot in them.

      You know what, you've been using interesting vocabs in your comments, and I'm actually learning. I never knew the word 'critters' before, and I definitely didn't know 'salopettes'! Is it always cold and rainy there? I haven't found the perfect casual salopettes yet (um they are overalls right? Unless I Googled wrongly), but I am looking for a pair with the right fit, which is pretty hard to find. But I guess I know what to add to my luggage if I ever visit Scotland one day! (Which I've always wanted to do!)

      PS: My photographer would be so happy to hear that. It's really less me and more him, because I get awkward in front of the camera and he always gets me moving. So pleased someone gave a thumbs-up for our results!

    2. Hahaha...Salopettes are skiing trousers, like dungarees but really thick, lined and cosy. You wouldn't need them on a normal day here (I was only joking) but I did wear a pair (and all of my kids did too) during a bad winter in 2010....just for walking to school.
      Actually, if you are used to the Malaysian heat you might need the salopettes after all :oD XXX

  3. Those shades are sooooooo cute!! *_* I'm obsessed with anything cat-related, oops.


    1. Hi Liyana! God, I love your name.

      They're a gem, especially since I haven't been able to find a similar pair here in Malaysia! If you ever come to Melaka anytime soon, do go to Jonker for these cat-inspired stuffs, they're so cheappp.


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