Statement, Chunky & Ripped

I'm not going to pretend like I'm the first person to mix something grungy and edgy like the ripped jeans with something a little more feminine and fancy like this statement necklace together, and talk about "juxtaposition" or whatever. But I think there's a reason why we keep seeing outfits put together with contrasting pieces like that, because, well, they always look really interesting and good together.

When I first received this necklace in the mail I already knew I wanted to pair it with ripped jeans, but it was with a pair of ripped jeans that only existed in my mind and not in my closet. I mean, do you know how hard it is to find a pair of ripped jeans that is ripped without gaping holes? Sure, you could argue and say that's the whole point of the existence of ripped jeans. Not going to argue with you on that, because I don't have strong fighting points to go against that argument. But for people like me, who want to cover up but are still totally into the idea of ripped jeans, we need those with lining underneath the ripped part. 

It's just always less of a hassle to find ripped jeans that already comes with lining underneath them (perfect for winter, by the way) as it saves extra trips to the tailor, so I was so glad when the ripped jeans of my dreams materialised in a shop in Shibuya 109 last November.

Zara-split-sides long-sleeved t-shirt
Ripped jeans from Shibuya 109 (worn in this post)
Something Borrowed peep-toed cut-out booties
Clapboard clutch from Shibuya 109
Mirina Collections 'Vivian' Statement Necklace


  1. Wowzers..I love this look.
    The brilliant contrast between distressed denim and the necklace (of course).
    Those stunning booties (peep toes and heels are a favourite of mine)
    That amazing bag!
    I am having serious bag-envy over your collection!
    And your casual top with the waistcoat.
    You are right, you are not the first, but so what?
    You have taken the look and made it your own...fresh and interesting.
    And your photographs are beautiful....the contrast of the pinkish architecture with the yellow light and the cool tones of the slabs....stunning!

    1. Thank you, thank you! I really love this outfit but I think it's too soon to replicate it...maybe I'll wait until this post has been pushed back by newer content =)

      I was actually worried about the editing of these photos. They were taken very near sunset, so the lighting wasn't ideal, so you can imagine how very pleased I am to hear someone compliment them. And coming from you, too!

      Thank you again, for commenting <3xo


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