Not Colonel Mustard - It's LADY Mustard.

Mustard is like fuchsia for me; I always want more of it in my closet, but, I don't know, as much as I like mustardseriously into itnot many mustard things please me. It's an almost annoyingly difficult colour to work with, but I can't decide if it's the colour mustard that's being annoying or if it's just me. (I know it's the latter, I just don't want to say it).

But I promise I've been making more mustard efforts. For starters, well, this mustard cardigan. In love with this mustard cardigan, OK. It's made even more perfect because it's thin enough to be worn comfortably in hot and humid Malaysia, but I layered this on when I was in Japan in the cold weather and it helped combat the cold.
Magic cardigans like this are the best.

By the way, I also got a winter coat in mustard. I didn't even know when I would get to use it when I bought it in a shop in Ginza, but it's one of the things where I thought "Gots to have it man, GOTS TO."

Can we talk about these mom-jeans-like jeans that are actually boyfriend jeans? I got these ages ago at a sale; I think Pull & Bear was experimenting with boyfriend jeans and got the proportions all wrong because there was a whole stack of them. The sizes were just confusing; I got them in about three sizes smaller than my usual size. I did try my usual size but it was like I had men's jeans on; it just felt all wrong on me, even with a belt on. I had to keep going out of the fitting room to get one size smaller, each time thinking "OK the next one down has to be the one", but, what do you know, the third time (going back out of the fitting room and in again) is the real charm.

Rope Picnic mustard cardigan
H&M black t-shirt
Pull & Bear boyfriend jeans (that I'm wearing as mom's jeans)
Cotton On leopard print slip-ons
Ciaopanic black handbag


  1. I have also just bought a mustard cardigan! (I am actually in the process of compiling a blog post with the pictures of it.) They have two, a long one and a shorter one, at H&M at the moment. :)

    Salams from England
    Philippa :)

    1. Hi Philippa! And salam to you too.

      I haven't been to H&M in a while. But mustard seems to be everywhere nowadays, isn't it?

      I'll be checking out your post on your new mustard cardigan! xo

  2. I agree with your Mustard "problem" AND the jeans situation.
    Mustard can be tricky...awful, even!
    When it goes wrong it can look almost muddy and make the wearer jaundiced looking.
    When it goes well it can look warm, rich and vibrant.
    It is working well here, especially with your plain black scarf, Tee and bag and those gorgeous slip-on gutties.
    I love them!
    They add just enough "umph" to your look.

    As for the jeans....
    I have had that exact problem. Odd sizes and ended up in what was supposed to be a UK 2! Hahaha, a joke. (I am a UK 8-10)
    I do have another pair (that I bought online) that are so baggy at the crotch I could carry my shopping in them!
    Not a good look :oP
    You, however look beautiful in yours!
    P.S. Your photography skills have not gone unnoticed either!
    The blue from the road pulling in your jean colour and then the mustard in the brickwork and that yellow road marking.
    Subtle....but perfect!

    1. I remember buying this one shirt, in this sickly shade of was my first ever mustard piece, and it was right after I discovered my love for the colour. That was probably a look that was quite "jaundiced", like what you said! Ah well, we all learn from mistakes. Hopefully. I'm glad you think this one works well on me!

      You'd think the regular shops you go to for jeans and pants would be reliable enough with their sizes, wouldn't you? Pretty weird.

      Thank you for the compliments, Samantha! I don't think I would ever stop worrying about the quality of my photos though, but I have to say, getting compliments actually make me want to do better!


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