My Go-to Hijab Style (Happy World Hijab Day, by the way!)

Honestly, I wish I were one of those hijabis who are constantly upping their hijab game, but I spend a good amount of my dressing-up energy on deciding what to wear and a lot less than the how that when it comes to tying my hijab, I keep going back to the same one style. Not that I feel bad about itI've received one or two compliments on it which evidently is making me think it's OK to keep going back to the same good ol' routine.

By the way, it's World Hijab Day, so Happy World Hijab Day to you if you're a hijabi! If you're not one, Happy Day to you!
And may I add, Happy Federal Territory Day to the people who work in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan and Putrajaya, because you guys get one extra public hols! Always a yay, am I right?

It feels like today is a good day to share with you guys how I always tie my hijab; it's my go-to style that you'd see me sporting when I'm in my comfiest outfits, with no makeup on and in my glasses, walking around the mall near my house, and the one that I always fall back on when my attempts at intricate hijab-styling fail (seriously, how do these hijabi YouTubers do them so effortlessly).

1. I'm using a thin cotton scarf that's folded in half here.
2. Place it on the head with one side shorter than the other.
3. You'll need at least four of those tiny pins to keep the scarf sitting tight!
4. Pin both sides of the scarf near the ear to secure it in place.

5. Pinch the inner part of the shorter side of the scarf and pull it towards the other side.
6. Pin that inner part near the place where we had pinned the scarf on earlier; you could use a different pin, or you could try to expertly detached the pin from step 4, overlap the fabrics together and pin them all in place (seriously hoping this makes sense).
7. Now is the time to make use of the longer end of the scarf by bringing it towards the opposing side.
8. Bring it all the way around the top of your head, letting a part of it hanging loosely over your chest area.

9. Arrange the part of the scarf that is now tied around the top of your head to your liking; sometimes I like to bring the 'line' forward, sometimes a little to the back.
10. Secure both sides of the scarf with pins; you can pin above your ear-level or below, this is totally up to you.
11. I usually tuck in the part of the scarf that is hanging loosely on my chest inwards, so that it looks neater.
12. Fix the arrangement of the scarf around your shoulders until you're satisfied with how it looks.

Anddd done!

It's not easy to show the steps through photos, but regardless of that, I hope my little post here will do! xo


  1. Great tutorial! A stylish and simple way to put on a hijab :-)

    Liyana | Rouge & Ruche

    1. Glad you think so! Thank you so much, Liyana xxoo


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