Denim + Red + Grey Stripes

Not sure what it is about pairing denim and red that makes me so happyit just does, but I don't find myself doing it enough, though (but you can see some hereherehere, and hereall from 2014?! That's aeons ago, guys).

If you ask me which is my most favourite colour in the world, I'd answer red, but to be honest, that answer is heavily influenced bydo NOT laughTaylor Hanson and Mel C. Seriously. I was 11 and very, very impressionable. They were my favourite celebs, and red was both their favourite colour, and, you know, it just happened, man. The colour red being my fave kind of just stuck until now, and I find it hard to say any other colour is my most favourite in the world.

That being said, I don't actually have a lot of red things in my closet. Not as much as I'd like, anyway, so I thought it was perfectly reasonable for me to buy this dress on a whim.

I mean, obviously I buy most of the things in my closet on a whim, but it was on a day that I reeeaaallyyy was not supposed to shop (on the account of over-shopping in previous periods). But then suddenly there were those little bazaar stalls selling the cutest things, and suddenly I ended up with this RM 30 (serious!) striped dress.
Um, and also this bucket bag.


I like the frayed detail of this denim jacket, which I wore in this post. It's weird, not many denim jackets fit me nicely; some hang awkwardly around my hips, and some can't be buttoned up, probably due to my small upper body and my pretty wide hips (and they don't lie), but this one fits me like the best hugs do.

Ciaopanic denim jacket
Striped dress from random stall in Atria
Zara multi-coloured clutch
Adidas sneakers
Swatch lips watch


  1. Loving the dress and it looks awesome with the denim jacket! :D

    1. Hi Philippa! I'm glad someone else likes the jacket-dress combo too =D


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