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I've been in the 'dark or bright, no natural lips' kind of phase ever since my autumn-winter trip to Tokyo last November, so when Shah had to go for a quick visit to Korea last month, all I asked for were dark AND bright lip products. He had full three days of work: one day of meetings and two days of travelling by plane and train back and forth to different cities (yikes), but I just couldn't not ask him to squeeze in a little beauty shopping trip, right?

And that, he an electronics shop, on his way back to the hotel from a meeting with half an hour to spare, which happened to have one little beauty aisle. I'll take that over nothing, guys. I'm easily pleased when it comes to gifts so getting presented with these sweeties from Seoul totally made me feel better about not being able to make the trip to Korea with Shah.

The only brand that was stocked there (one brand?!but then again it is an electronics store) was called The Saem, which I've never heard of, and the products I got are from different ranges, Eco Soul and Saemmul. I haven't tested any of these products but super excited about it, guys.
Shah couldn't leave Korea without buying me a couple of beauty things, can he (he can't), so he rounded everything up with a makeup cleanser and W.H.P (which I think is the brand?) masks.

Shah got the sweetest nail kit set for free with these purchases! I don't do my nails myself (I get them done at nail salons like twice a year, if I have the mood) but I absolutely adore this little free pouch that's filled with the palest gold little things. Loves. It.

Have any of you tried any of the things in this post? Let me know in the comment section below if you have!


  1. I've never tried any of these, but I know The Saem is popular for their concealers and Saemmul Wrapping Tint :D

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. Popular for concealers? If I had known that I would've asked my husband to buy one for me! (And it'd probably have to be their darkest shade)


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