When I was in Tokyo I noticed so many Japaneseboys and girls, men and womenwore baggy oversized jackets, and it gave them this super cool, nonchalantly laidback aura that I wish I possess myself. Seriously, even an ounce of that aura would do me good, but I'm pretty sure it's like what Maybelline always suggests but then denies: "maybe she's born with it". (Or he is, or they are, of course.) 

My point is, since I'm not Japanese, maybe it's best to forget about that particular brand of super cool nonchalantly laidback aura. Because I don't have it. I never will. Which is sad, but life must go on no matter how less cool I am compared to the Japanese.

If you weren't born with that enviable "I woke up like this" mug, there's always Maybelline; if you weren't born Japanese...I guess you could always try to steal their style...? I mean, why not, so my point is get yourself a good oversized jacket, like theirs.

My favourite from Tokyo street style has to be the oversized denim jacket (but I like this kind, too), so unsurprisingly I made it a mission to find the perfect one. It was a hard mission, let me tell you, as I was aiming for the greatest fitting AND affordability, plus they're mostly available only in vintage stores. I tried a lot. A lot.
So. Many. Of. THEM.
Sleeves that were too big; sleeves that were way too long; one that isn't long enough; buttons that refuse to meet their holes. There was a lot of sneezing involved, too, since I was flicking the hangers at the vintage section of Kinji so fast that dust was flying all around me, but all the alarming sneezes and snot (sorry, had to paint this gruesome picture to show you how hard the mission was) was worth it as I finally met the one (worn here previously, by the way).

It goes with anything and everything, guys. Arguably, for surenobody has to take my word for anything, and it's OK if you don't like the idea of oversized jackets of any kind, but as of now, I personally would be throwing something on after showering, like a top and pants or a dress or something and go, "Right, now all this needs is THIS oversized denim jacket" and I'd be done and out of the door.

Except I don't really do that as often as I'd like to, in case people think I never wash my clothes. And so that people don't get bored of seeing what I wear, which is a fear of mine that should not be taken seriously by anybody but me.

Basically I have so much faith in the versatility of the oversized denim jacket that I need more of it, for the days when this one is in the laundry bag. I know I called this "the one" but obviously when it comes to denim jackets, "the ones" are possible. It's true.

Getting ready for my second round of jacket-hunting, but not before I'm done being the fine lady that I am and have my fancy tea first...

Vintage Levi's oversized denim jacket from Kinji Used Clothing
Pull & Bear Lisa Simpson t-shirt
Zara ripped jeans
Pull & Bear ankle strapped ballet flats
Avan Lily denim bag (worn here)