Even though black is such a staple colour, I just realised that I don't own much black in my closet at all, so to see me wearing a black head-to-toe outfit is, well, never going to happen; I'd just be itching for more. A black shoulder-to-ankle look however is a different thing, but even then it's a pretty rare sight on me. 

I always see street-stylers doing all-black right, but, I don't know, I crave for colours too much, I suppose, but when you have so much black clothings on it's probably the perfect time to add a crazy accessory to it all. Not that I'm calling my leopard print ankle boots crazy but, honestly, I don't even know when I'll be putting them on again.
Plus they actually give me the starting of blisters. Not that I need to mention that...

I mentioned in my last outfit post that my first weekend on this Tokyo trip was exceptionally warm so I was glad out of all the jackets and coats I brought from Malaysia, I chose this hooded coat that I bought back in my November trip (seen here and here) for a day when the temperature shot up to 23 degrees Celcius (supposed to be winter here, guys!). Nowadays though I could be going out with three layers underneath a winter coat, but on that hot winter day this coatthat's more like a duster (remember when I learned the name 'duster'?)was the perfect choice.

Ciaopanic hooded duster jacket
Zara black sweater
Zara cropped black flared jeans
H&M leopard prints ankle boots