(Almost) All Black + Leopard Ankle Boots

Even though black is such a staple colour, I just realised that I don't own much black in my closet at all, so to see me wearing a black head-to-toe outfit is, well, never going to happen; I'd just be itching for more. A black shoulder-to-ankle look however is a different thing, but even then it's a pretty rare sight on me. 

I always see street-stylers doing all-black right, but, I don't know, I crave for colours too much, I suppose, but when you have so much black clothings on it's probably the perfect time to add a crazy accessory to it all. Not that I'm calling my leopard print ankle boots crazy but, honestly, I don't even know when I'll be putting them on again.
Plus they actually give me the starting of blisters. Not that I need to mention that...

I mentioned in my last outfit post that my first weekend on this Tokyo trip was exceptionally warm so I was glad out of all the jackets and coats I brought from Malaysia, I chose this hooded coat that I bought back in my November trip (seen here and here) for a day when the temperature shot up to 23 degrees Celcius (supposed to be winter here, guys!). Nowadays though I could be going out with three layers underneath a winter coat, but on that hot winter day this coatthat's more like a duster (remember when I learned the name 'duster'?)was the perfect choice.

Ciaopanic hooded duster jacket
Zara black sweater
Zara cropped black flared jeans
H&M leopard prints ankle boots


  1. Okay,I have to admit to going a little CRAZY about two things here...

    First, those leopard boots with your scarf....Hello fabulous accessorising!
    The cropped ankles on your jeans, showcasing them to perfection.

    BUT, what made me gasp was....your beautiful photography!!
    Oh my....I was blown away with your subtle play of colour.
    The foliage and your coat.
    The pop of pink light, bringing out your lip colour.
    The "decay" on the bridge, picking out the colour of your boots!
    Genius work.
    You have an amazing artistic eye.

    1. Thank you so, so much Samantha! You always say the kindest things, you really do xxoo

      As non-comfy as those boots are I'll miss wearing them in Malaysia; it's much to hot to wear them there, what a pity.

      As for the photography, I'm afraid I can't take credit for it. I'll be sure to show the person behind the camera your sweet comment, it'll make him so happy! Thank you thank youuu.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm going to miss wearing it when I leave Tokyo :_(

  3. You look smashing, Liyana!! I love how your photos always appear to have movement and a swishy swishy vibe. And you already know how much I adore those boots of yours. Come link-up with me if you have second xoxo


    1. Hi Sheela!

      Thank you thank you - on the swishy swishy thingy I can't really take credit for it, my photographer is always trying to get me to move because he says I get photographed better that way.


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