Duster Proportions

The proportion of this duster is pretty weird and wild: a little oversized and a little too long, but it fits me perfectly. I don't think I'd own something unconventional like it had I not seen a girl on a Tokyo Metro train wearing something similar and looking nonchalantly super cool in itI think I will forever have a special kind of envy for these "cool Tokyo kids"...

Just like "the duster" here, there are certain pieces of clothings I didn't know what to call until after I've bought them (I mean, why are these called monk straps shoes? Why 'monk'?)but then again, come to think of it, it's not like I need to know what exactly the name of a thing is before I bring it up to the cashier, or after I've placed it in my closet, even.

Like this thing that I initially just think of as "that super thin super light long thin grey coat": I bought it in November last year but the moment it struck me that I had no idea what it's called is only well after I've taken these photos and wanted to blog about it here, at which point I thought, wait, what do I list this item down as?

And then this post totally conveniently came up in my Bloglovin' feed, and I can finally put a name to this grey thing!

Duster, Shibuya109
Ciaopanic culottes (last worn in this post)
Adidas Superstar
Furry navy blue handbag, Nishi Ginza mall (last worn in this post)


  1. I adore this look, Liyana, it's so reminiscent of Rei Kawakubo!!!

    1. Thank youuu. Actually yes, the street style of the locals here is heavily influenced by their designers. A breath of fresh air from what we usually see in the pro-Western street syle snaps!


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