This mustard duffle coat, which resembles Paddington Bear's a lot (loves it), was one of my buys during my last trip to Tokyo in November last yearfinally got to wear it on this trip! If you've been to Affordorable recently, you might have caught up with this post on my mustard cardigan. I just have a thing for mustard now, can't be helped.

Pairing the coat with this super duper old 'A' sweater that I probably bought when I was 13? Not even kidding, this sweater is legit vintage now. A little reminiscent of Easy A (love that movie), am I right?
I found these patched jeans in Zara in their last sale, and I realise that I don't only need more winter jackets, I need more patched jeans as well...

It's inching towards the end of winter here in Tokyo but the temperatures during previous weekend didn't represent that; it was a relatively hot winter weekend, peaking at 18 and 23 degrees on Saturday and Sunday respectively. If I had known how hot it would be, I wouldn't have gone out with multiple layers. In fact, I shed an extra layer (Uniqlo heat teach, which has proven reliable so far!) AND my socks (which were heat tech, too) sneakily in a fitting room, because it was getting too stuffy...

Bonika Studio mustard duffle coat (from Nishi Ginza)
Super old 'A' sweater
Zara patched jeans
Adidas Stan Smith Honeycomb gloss in green