Missing The Layers Weather

Never, ever thought I would one day miss winter weather.

I spent my whole life hatin' on winter and not appreciating the cold weathers I've experienced, but I made a huge breakthrough in my last winter trip in Tokyo.
Well, huge to me, at least. 

I finally realised the root cause of the hatin'; there was one crucial item missing from my winter wardrobe, and that is the super basic thermal wear.

[ My trusty striped thermal socks ]

OK I know y'all are now like whaaattt that's too basic to not even know. But perhaps we can all please recall the fact that I was born and bred in a hot(test) and humid(est) country?

I mean, OK, alright, that's probably one unacceptable excuse, because this is coming from someone who spent four and a half years studying in New Zealand and a year living in Europe and having previous wintery Tokyo trips. But, hey, no one taught me the fundamentals of winter wear, OK? Plus I used to think thermal wear equals to those sad-looking thick grey or nude coloured raggedy things you'e forced to wear under your clothes, which I did own, I think, and they've always felt scratchy and stuffy to me, and SO uncomfortable.

And now I'm crying on the inside, thinking about those moments when I was out freezing in the cold in some of the coolest citites in the world, wishing I was back at my rented apartment or hotel room, because I was not made aware of the magical properties of thermal wear (the right kind, anyway), and hence could not appreciate being in the moment.

Nothing more important that being in the moment when you're travelling, because that is when you're soaking up your surroundings and being aware of how blessed you are to be where you are, in that moment.

Last trip to Tokyo was a major redemption of some sort, because I started utilising Uniqlo heattech and oh my God, the heattech tops and leggings were the best things that ever made their way to my winter wardrobe. 

Well, maybe not the best things EVER, because let's not forget that varsity-style camel coat I am obsessed with (here and here).
And maybe don't forget this chunky zebra cardigan too, because, come on, how many times have you seen me wearing this? Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. IT.

But anyway, seriously, those heattech clothings were my winter saviours; I was warm as toast, practically.

Paired the cardi with this dark grey turtleneck (cowl neck?) sweater dress that I intensely wish I could wear more often, but we all know that ain't happening where I live. Unless I drive all the way to Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands someday, maybe those places will be cool enough for it...

H&M zebra cardigan  |  H&M sweater dress (previously worn here)  |  Zara patched jeans  |  Adidas Stan Smith Honeycomb Green  |  Uniqlo Heattech top, leggings and socks

To those who live in countries that experience all four seasons: what kind of thermal wear do you actually layer underneath your clothes? Do you guys find Uniqlo heattech to be effective? I've heard that some don't find them to work at all, but I'm obviously on team Uniqlo here!

Thanks for readingair kisses and virtual hugs coming your way! xxoo

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