Yes, I Do Want Some Scrub

You opposed to "No, I don't want no scrub."

I'm actually a pretty low-maintenance gal. I rarely go out for mani / pedi, and I don't do waxing, threading, facials, spa sessions...although I suspect some people think those are what I do all week long, with me being a full-time homemaker. (PS: I really don't. But I WISH I DO.)

But it doesn't mean I don't like to pamper myself once in a whileI'm still a gentlelady myself, and all that! So a while ago I found myself a nice skincare routine that's providing me with some relaxation time (go here), and now it seems like I've discovered a great body-pampering product as well: the Crabtree & Evelyn Pomegranate body scrub.

It's not so much the process of applying the body scrub I find pampering actually, but more of the luxe feeling I get from my skin right after I've used it. I've always just used normal liquid soap on a loofah when I'm showering and call it a day, but adding a good body scrub kind of up my showering game a bit, really!

Seriously, this body scrub is SO GOOD; my skin feels super duper smooth and lush after using it. I've never fancied strong-smelling body products so I really like the milder, sweet smell of the pomegranate in this body scrub, which actually lingers on the body in a pleasant kind of way, so you'll end up smelling it on your skin the whole day!

Well, actually the actual fruit pomegranate doesn't have a fragrance, does it? I'm not sure what exactly the sweet smell is (Argan? Grapeseed?) but I'm loving it regardless!

I would use it only about twice a week at most, firstly because it's pretty pricey but also because using any body scrub too often could be abrasive to your skin. I like saving this up for a special occasion, for that extra special feeling. It's definitely one way to give some lovin' to yourself, this scrub!


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