Spring In Step: Rose Quartz, Florals & Polka Dots

Hi, Spring!

Well, not that "Spring" is in Malaysia, so I'm saying "Hi!" from afar, that is.

Last month I talked about getting spring-ready with affordable pieces in spring's trending colours, so now it's finally time to break out those pieces, guys!

I never used to care about wearing season-appropriate colours. I mean, why should I, living in Malaysia? I'm free to wear khaki green in spring and an all-black outfit in summer, because frankly it won't be spring OR summer; it's just hot and humid. That's our one season: hot and humid (this isn't scientifically true, but I feel that daily). We welcome the constant rain too, because it takes some of the heat away. 

Truth be told, I only became very concious about seasonal colours when I started going back and forth to Japan. I remember wearing bright blue on my first trip there in November 2014 to a park and thinking "Omg I am so out of place here", with everyone else in either black or an "autumn-appropriate" shade of neutral hue.
Not that anybody cared, and not that I should either, but it's just oddly personally satisfying to do colours "right". 

Plus, I do get readers from all over the world, so it makes sense to keep up with the seasons!

Rose quartz top from Berjaya Times Square (it was RM 30!)  |  Zara ripped jeans  |  Aldo floral & polka dot clutch and platform sandals  |  WeGo striped see-through socks  |  Bow & Engel polka dot scarf

I wasn't sure I could handle having that much pink on me but it's all about balancing it out, and in this case it's ripped jeans to the rescue.

Actually, ripped jeans can rescue anything.

Eh. Nee. THING.
Try it.

I've never been into soft pinks but I'm definitely starting to buy into this rose quartz shade. I mean, you could gimme a hot pink thing any day and I'd take it, but hot pink clothings do tend to be quite overwhelming. I think this warmer shade of soft pink would be the perfect alternative if you want to add some pink into your wardrobe without appearing too girlie-girlie.

As always I itched to put on some sneakers and call this outfit a day but I'm wearing too much sneakers nowadays, I already feel really bad for my other non-sneaker shoes. I got these matching clutch and platform shoes to wear to one of my best friend's wedding last year in December and had only gotten one use out of them, so, why not? I'm already doing pink, so might as well add in some florals and polka dots while I'm at it!


  1. Shooooooozeeeeeees!
    I am in love with those beauties ESPECIALLY with the addition of those socks.
    {I will be immediately looking for a pair to mix and match with everything}
    Ripped jeans can indeed resue anything, and I believe those socks could too....I am off to look right now...
    Samantha fakefabulous.com

    1. These shoes are new territory for me, to be honest. I loved seeing Japanese girls in towering platform shoes and sandals when I was in Tokyo so I thought I might as well give it a go myself! And they loved pairing sandals with socks too, so that's where the inspiration came from.

      Hope you find similar socks, because I'll be looking forward to seeing you style them on your blog!


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