Best Budget Things You Could Get In Tokyo

Tokyo seriously has the best knickknacks and stuffs. The. BEST. I once saw a mini Gudetama waste bin in Yodobashi Akihabara and was delighted out of my mind.

Actually, come to think of it, not everybody is going to go bonkers over a Gudetama waste bin, are they? It's probably just me. Right. Forget that part. Moving on.

So, OK, you might not want a Gudetama waste bin (which I ended up not buying because I was reminded by Shah about our already overflowing luggages), but here are some other things that you might want to keep an eye out for when you're visiting Tokyo on a budget, but still want to buy the cool necessities anyway. I mean, a Hello Kitty-in-a-pink-cone plush doll can be considered as a Tokyo necessity, right?

Clutches & Bags:
Some of my favourite affordable interesting clutches and bags came from Tokyo: this furry bag, clapboard clutchclutch shaped like a chewing guma bag on a denim bag. I was personally very intrigued by the way Japanese girls carry their cluches, which actually contributed to my newfound love for big clutches. I always feel like I have to get at least one clutch every time I'm in Tokyo, so I was stoked to find this super cool patched black clutch in Shibuya 109, which comes with a long strap so could be turned into a sling bag as well! The price? 2500 yen, a bargain!

Apparently one clutch was not good enough because when I went into Ragtag in Cat Street just to have a browse, I came out with a pink glittery BCBG clutchmy first ever BCBG anything, and it was only about 2800 yen!
So weird, as I've suddenly decided to have an affinity for the colour pink all of a sudden for some reason...

If you've been keeping up with my Instagram you might noticed my love for Kinji Used Clothing. I'm very much into buying vintage or second-hand stuff as long as it's in great condition, like this oversized denim jacket. I loved the oversized quality of the jacket so much, I went back just to get a similar one in a different colour, alongside a kitschy little frowning cat bag with a short gold chain. I know I already owned a cat bag but the 300 yen price tag for this little one was too big a temptation to resist (seriously, 300 yen, guys).

Perfumes (especially the older ones):
I remember loving the scents of Salvatore Ferragamo's Incanto perfumes when I was at an age where owning an expensive bottle of perfume wasn't in the cards, so I was really pleased to see bottles of these in Tokyoand at a much cheaper price, too! You can find these perfumes at tourists targeted market, like Ameyoko Market, but it's infinitely way better to buy at legit beauty stores. I found a good corner shop in Shinjuku near Adidas that sells makeup products and loads of amazing brand-new old perfumes.

Did you know Revlon made perfumes? I had no idea but then again, apparently this red heart-shaped perfume called Love Is On was their first perfume release in over a decade, when it came out late last year. I can't quite describe the scent as it's unlike anything I've ever used or tested before, but it certainly makes for a refreshing change in my scent game.

If you're into rings, let me share this tidbit: Tokyo offers the best rings. More importantly, Tokyo has the best affordable rings! I'm really into wearing thin delicate rings on almost all my fingers at once, so Tokyo was the perfect place to get my rings fix! I got almost all of my delicate rings from either Shibuya 109, Kinji, and those pretty little shops scattered around the inside of Tokyo's major train stations.

Japan momentos are bomb dot comyou can't get anything quite like the things Japan has to offer. All the famous mangas have their own products so if you're a manga fan, I can't promise you won't go crazy in Tokyo. Examples are like a Gudetama waste bin (yep still talking about it, are we?), or this limited edition Hello Kitty x Baskin Robbins plush doll that's been chained to my handbag.

I loved collecting fun mugs and cups from various places around Tokyo (including Tokyo Disneyland!), which also made such perfect gifts for my siblings and nephew and niece. The Alice In Wonderland cup was a random find in JR Tokyo station for about 600 yen. I have similar Yoda and Gudetama cups in my kitchen as well, bought from Kiddy Land.
I might do a post JUST on cups and mugs from Tokyo one day, I think...

Lush products:
The only reason I'm including the 'Beautiful' Lush liquid soap / shampoo in this post is because Malaysia doesn't have Lushwhich is a travesty, I KNOW. I'm always hearing about Lush's bath bombs but only got to try them out when I was in Tokyo and they were, well, lush. If I had a bath tub here at home, I would've definitely brought back some, but since I don't, I was contented with a few bottles of these soaps, which made great souvenirs too.

Have you been to Tokyo? What was your best buy from there? If you're a blogger and you've blogged about it, don't forget to leave your Tokyo-related post's link down below, because I'd love to have a look!

(Note: Just in case you don't know, this is Gudetama.)


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