The Cat's Meow: Cat-Ears Beanie & Tan Camel Varsity

First of all I really just want to point this out: this H&M cat-ears beanie is right up my alley.

Or if it's OK with you guys I'd like to switch up my words like this: my alley ---> my cat alley ---> my cat street ---> Cat Street. So it will be "this H&M cat-ears beanie is right up Cat Street".

The reason for this is Cat Street is an actual street in Tokyo, in Omotesando, which has all the coolest shops there, so basically I'm saying "this beanie is the coolest".

Anyway. This beanie. L-o-l-o-l-o-l-o-v-e IT.

You know what, this is probably the first beanie I ever owned, ever. Now that I think about it, I find it a little baffling that I didn't buy at least one beanie back when I was studying in New Zealand, when I wasn't wearing the hijab yet. I mean, New Zealand was cold, guys. Plus, it's a cute accessory. Plus, beanies don't look all that bad on my hijabi-self either (I think...? Another possible evidence herered beanie was borrowed).

In my November Tokyo trip last year I remember having this sudden need for a maxi black skirt, or a maxi black dress. Seriously, it was like a weird food craving. I swear, I went to all my favourite shops around Tokyo and could not find a single one maxi black skirt or dress. It was confounding; I felt like I was being bamboozled or something, like, "I can't find one single long black thing here? In TOKYO?" You know, like a bad joke was being played on me.

I thought it was really weird. So weird that I'm typing words like 'confounding' and 'bamboozled' here. I would've settled for a dark grey or even a navy blue maxi something, but no. Nada. Three-quarter everything was all the rage back in November, apparently. So for my last Tokyo trip I made sure to bring a black maxi dress, just in case I had the same weird need again. Only to wear it only once, of course.

Sense of Place camel coat (recently worn here)  |  Bershka green army jacket  |  Dotti dress (super duper old)  | Adidas AdiHoney MidW sneakers  |  H&M cat-ears beanie  |  H&M panda gloves  |  Bucket bag, random stall, Atria

Weather forecast didn't say anything about rain on this particular day so I was really glad I had my trusty heattech leggings underneath my dress for the extra cool temp resulting from the surprise downpourwhich was underneath another pair of leggings. What can I say, I was born and bred in tropical gloriousness, so I'm afraid I'll never fully adapt to extreme cold!

Photos were taken next to some Pachinko stores in Shibuya, using iPhone 6s because I was out shopping the whole day in Shibuya so it wasn't practical for me to carry my camera around.

Thanks for reading, guysair kisses + virtual hugs!


  1. i want to visit tokyo so bad! such a cute hat :)

    danielle | avec danielle / giveaway

    1. Thanks, Danielle! I hope you'll get to go to Tokyo one day.


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