This was one of the coats that I bought in my November Tokyo trip, alongside this mustard number, but I somehow didn't get as much use out of it as I had wanted to. (Translation: Not enough outfit photos of me in it.)

It did such a service to me on this particular day though, when Shah and I were out exploring Tokyo on a cold, gloomy weekend day when it was pouring cats and dogs all day long. The coat isn't meant to be waterproof but it kept me warm and dry long enoughonly I arrived home late at night and discovered rainwater had soaked through around the sleeves area, but thankfully it didn't get to my skin!

It did good, it did really good.

    [ Uhbsessed with this blue eyeliner by the waytotally intentionally matched my makeup to my hijab, too ]

    Bonika Studio navy blue coat, Ginza Inz
    Terranova yellow sweater
    Levi's slim jeans
    Adidas Stan Smith Honeycomb Green
    H&M panda gloves